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Looking for beta
Ray Toro
daniomalley22 wrote in bandslash_betas
Hi, I'm looking for someone who can beta a Frank/Gerard fic for Bandom Big Bang. The fic will be around 25k words, and it's a Hunger Games AU, so it involves a lot of violence and character death.

I need to get my final draft completely finished by the end of April, and I'm looking for someone who can nitpick my not-American language issues and someone to discuss a few worries I have about character development with.

If you can help, comment here or PM me. Thanks! :D

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I don't know if anyone has replied yet but I could probably help (on my other account)

Awesome! I need to finish the final scene, I should be able to send my draft to you by Friday. Is a word doc okay, or some other format?

A word doc should be fine - would you rather send it to my email address or on here? If I have it then I shoul be able to go through it by next Thursday or Friday if that is ok?

The end of next week would be great, what email should I send it to?

I sent you a message with my email address - I am going away this weekend to Italy but I will be back early on wednesday do I will reply and go over anything you want to then. I can be quite quick with the reading through

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