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Beta Needed for MCR Vampire fic (also, I'm new to LJ)
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coffee_goth wrote in bandslash_betas
Though I'm not new to bandom, I'd really like to get more involved in it. I've written fics before, which are up on other websites like, but I've mostly been an LJ lurker for a couple years...I bit the bullet a month ago and got an account, because I thought it'd be the best home for the fic I'm working on right now, which also needs a beta :D
The fic involves a few pairings, but it focuses on MCR and Frerard as the main pairing (with FOB, P!atD, MSI, The Used, etc as background characters.) It's an apocalypse fic that involves lots of vampires and zombies and killing and gore and not-really-happy endings.It's sort of based off/inspired by Bullets so it'll have 11 chapters, one for each song, and after writing the first two I can say it's gonna be a reallllly long fic. Like, 100k+ long. So, um, I realize it's kind of a lot to take on an LJ virgin with such an ambitious project...but I would love a beta, or any help I can get, really :) Thank you so much!

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Hey, I'd love to beta this, it sounds awesome. Just give me a message if you'd like some help and I look forward to it :)

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