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Help with an bandom Panic at the disco/Glee AU
jjjanimefan wrote in bandslash_betas

Hello everyone!
I signed up for a Panic at the disco/Glee AU crossover story and since I don't have that much experience writing (all my writings till now have been shorter pieces) I'm hoping that there's someone out there familiar with these two fandoms that can help me.

The pairing is Finn Hudson/Brendon Urie which yeah...probably not what anybody expects. I basically tweaked the Glee timeline a bit, so after high school Finn started drumming for a band that eventually fell apart, but he ended up on tour as a tech for several other bands until he got assigned to Panic at the disco, where he met Brendon and things spiraled from there.

Finn is a bit less dumb than in canon, still goofy and way more assertive but with a shitload of inferiority complexes. Brendon is fluffy, bouncy, but serious when the situation requires it and pretty sure he adores his awkward tech and wants to keep him forever thankyou. Finn isn't sure that's a very good idea, but Brendon's ass and his general awesomness keep distracting him from the point. With extra cameos by Klaine, Ryan's scarves and Sebastian Smythe the Great. Cue Journey!

I'm over the halfway mark with this one at 11k so it might end up somwhere up to 20k? Maybe less. I'm not quite sure how explicit it's going to be, because at first I was convinced it was just gonna be fluff, but I might change my mind. I've got absolutely no experience writing sex scenes so it's maybe not the best idea I ever had.

Also I'm probably gonna end up writing some musical performances in there and I feel I  should warn about that. Not like a songfic, but  hopefully enhancing the story with a line or two of classic rock.

I'm not natively an English speaker so I have some grammar problems especially concerning tense change or comma placement. I also have problems with dialogue, not so much with content (though that's debateable) but in conjunction with descriptions (does that make sense?).

Is there anyone out there who can help me? my email is contact me there if you're interested


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