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Need McLennon (Beatles) beta!!!!!
stawberry69 wrote in bandslash_betas
I have a fic that needs betaing!
The fic is Mission Mclennon :

Rated: NC-17
Summary: A normal Tumblr fangirl finds her reality has randomly been transported to not only the 1950’s, but also to Liverpool. She ends up going to the same school as John and slowly growing closer to her idol. Over time she takes as her mission to make John and Paul realize their hidden love and make sure that they end up together. Well the only thing that she didn’t count on was how incredibly hard headed john was and just how much homophobia there was back in the 50’s and 60’s.
Type: Comedy, romance, drama, AU
Pairings: Roxie/john, Roxie/Paul, John/Paul, Roxie/Astrid, Astrid/Stu…

If you are interested just submit your email to me, I have it in my google docs so it can be edited in any computer, iphone and (i think) android, also there is a chat window there where you can ask me things.

Please help me out here.

PS: also looking for ilustrations.

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I tried to message you with my e-mail but your LJ account won't accept messages

shit...... hmmmmmm here are the places you can try to send it:
My twitter:
My instagram:
My kik: Roxie0strawberry
My email:
My personal tumblr:

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