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need a Beta help please ?
Mikey way
mikeywayisex wrote in bandslash_betas
Name: humanwreckage on a03
Best way to contact you: email (
Main bands in your story: MCR
Main relationships/characters in your story: Mikey&Gerard, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Mikey/Gerard/Frank
What are you looking for in a beta? I need someone who willing to try to sift through my fics who can try and fix it. My fics are not edited at all there no structure or defined paragraphs. I write things backwards because I am dyslexic. I am terrible with tense, spelling sentence structure and punctuation. I miss words or leave things out. I however know that my stories are good you can check them in the place I said above. as I use to have a beta It does have squicks such as non con first time bullying abuse incest violence blood and more so on so forth dealing things that might trigger someone I do write fluff as well


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