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need a Beta help please ?

Name: humanwreckage on a03
Best way to contact you: email (waycestislove@hotmail.com)
Main bands in your story: MCR
Main relationships/characters in your story: Mikey&Gerard, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Mikey/Gerard/Frank
What are you looking for in a beta? I need someone who willing to try to sift through my fics who can try and fix it. My fics are not edited at all there no structure or defined paragraphs. I write things backwards because I am dyslexic. I am terrible with tense, spelling sentence structure and punctuation. I miss words or leave things out. I however know that my stories are good you can check them in the place I said above. as I use to have a beta It does have squicks such as non con first time bullying abuse incest violence blood and more so on so forth dealing things that might trigger someone I do write fluff as well

Need McLennon (Beatles) beta!!!!!

I have a fic that needs betaing!
The fic is Mission Mclennon :

Rated: NC-17
Summary: A normal Tumblr fangirl finds her reality has randomly been transported to not only the 1950’s, but also to Liverpool. She ends up going to the same school as John and slowly growing closer to her idol. Over time she takes as her mission to make John and Paul realize their hidden love and make sure that they end up together. Well the only thing that she didn’t count on was how incredibly hard headed john was and just how much homophobia there was back in the 50’s and 60’s.
Type: Comedy, romance, drama, AU
Pairings: Roxie/john, Roxie/Paul, John/Paul, Roxie/Astrid, Astrid/Stu…

If you are interested just submit your email to me, I have it in my google docs so it can be edited in any computer, iphone and (i think) android, also there is a chat window there where you can ask me things.

Please help me out here.

PS: also looking for ilustrations.

Last minute beta for harlequinbbang?

So, I feel kind of bad crashing the party with a last minute request, but basically, my beta has disappeared and I need to turn in my final draft by April 5, so I would really appreciate the help.

I'm writing a victorian!arranged marriage!AU with Jon/Ryan - formerly of P!atD - as the main pairing. It's not terribly accurate (it IS harlequinbigbang, after all) so no real knowledge of the time period is needed, and I'm pretty good with spelling and grammar et cetera, so mostly someone to check consistency and story flow would be lovely.

If you'd be interested (and thrive under pressure), I'd love to hear from you. :)

Help with an bandom Panic at the disco/Glee AU

Hello everyone!
I signed up for a Panic at the disco/Glee AU crossover story and since I don't have that much experience writing (all my writings till now have been shorter pieces) I'm hoping that there's someone out there familiar with these two fandoms that can help me.

The pairing is Finn Hudson/Brendon Urie which yeah...probably not what anybody expects. I basically tweaked the Glee timeline a bit, so after high school Finn started drumming for a band that eventually fell apart, but he ended up on tour as a tech for several other bands until he got assigned to Panic at the disco, where he met Brendon and things spiraled from there.

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Beta Needed for MCR Vampire fic (also, I'm new to LJ)

Though I'm not new to bandom, I'd really like to get more involved in it. I've written fics before, which are up on other websites like fanfiction.net, but I've mostly been an LJ lurker for a couple years...I bit the bullet a month ago and got an account, because I thought it'd be the best home for the fic I'm working on right now, which also needs a beta :D
The fic involves a few pairings, but it focuses on MCR and Frerard as the main pairing (with FOB, P!atD, MSI, The Used, etc as background characters.) It's an apocalypse fic that involves lots of vampires and zombies and killing and gore and not-really-happy endings.It's sort of based off/inspired by Bullets so it'll have 11 chapters, one for each song, and after writing the first two I can say it's gonna be a reallllly long fic. Like, 100k+ long. So, um, I realize it's kind of a lot to take on an LJ virgin with such an ambitious project...but I would love a beta, or any help I can get, really :) Thank you so much!

(no subject)

Hiya. Just writing a new fic, it's WIP but I'd really like a beta. :) Really I just want someone to give me their creative input/criticisms on this fic as I write it. :) It's a Pete/Patrick established relationship Cop!AU.
Thanks :)

(no subject)

Hi, I'm 22-years-old girl (almost 23, what the heck), who is about to come back to active writing & posting after more then 2 years break and needs your help :)

I'm looking for a long-time beta, i.e. not just for one story but for an extended period of time. I prefer creative beta-ing, one in which you don't just correct my fiction and send it back to me, but rather pinpoints my mistakes, what should be corrected and where, and what mistake did I made. This way I can (hopefully) learn something. So if this is your style of beta-ing, it's a good start :)
I'd also like someone dedicated to they job, so it wouldn't be that I send you 2K story and wait a week to get it back... Yes, everyone has their lives and lots of things to do, but please, be polite and contact me, say you're busy this time and can't help me, don't leave me hanging :)
English is not my first language, so most of my problems concern grammar (arrgh, Perfect Tenses). Sometimes I made funny mistakes, like when I wrote something along "he touched his lousy hair" and the beta was like "ewww!" and I was like "huh? Crap, I meant loose hair!" xD Something like this ^^ I don't need help in plot or fandom check (if you do, it's fine, but I won't ask you specifically). So you don't have to know the fandom, just language things :)

I'm active mostly in bandom fandom (you know, MCR, FOB, P!atD, TAI, so on) which means that yes, it's mostly slash. To be honest, I don't think I ever wrote het or femmeslash, so correction: it is slash. The stories I posted those few years ago are mostly fluffy and a bit stupid ^^; But I think they're not bad anyway. You can find them here: my writing journal
Now I want to focus more on kinky stuff: BDSM, D/s, all kinds of connected things. Nothing really hardcore, like scat or bestiality, so don't worry. If you're not comfortable with some topic just let me know.
Oh, and I work in burst of activity. Means that sometimes I sit down and write and write and write and then I do nothing for two weeks xD The longest story I've written so far is about 5K.
I also think about writing in anime fandom, most likely Kuroshitsuji, Sekkai-ichi Hatsukoi, Loveless, maybe D.Gray-man? It can differ.

I guess it's all? Ask if you want to know more :)
Ray Toro

Looking for beta

Hi, I'm looking for someone who can beta a Frank/Gerard fic for Bandom Big Bang. The fic will be around 25k words, and it's a Hunger Games AU, so it involves a lot of violence and character death.

I need to get my final draft completely finished by the end of April, and I'm looking for someone who can nitpick my not-American language issues and someone to discuss a few worries I have about character development with.

If you can help, comment here or PM me. Thanks! :D

Beta on short notice!

Hello! I'm looking for a beta on short notice. I finished a fic for a big bang, it's about 11k+ and I really need someone to look it over for me. The fic has to be posted by Dec 13th, so I would like someone who can beta my fic quickly.