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bandslash betas

we're good with words.

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Need a beta, find a beta (or better yet, BE a beta!)

Bandslashers, welcome to a community of our own to help writers in this fandom (of any skill level) find the right beta readers to suit their needs, and a place for betas to talk amongst one another, hopefully building a better, stronger force of talented bandom beta readers!

We have compiled a list of helpful, blunt and willing beta readers-- their pairing interests, their abilities (strengths and weaknesses), and what they will and won't read for you. This way, writers won't have to ask a multitude of people to read for them before they find the RIGHT person. Or, if they aren't looking for anything specific, they can simply post to the community about their fic, and ask everyone at once. The writer-beta relationship is a special one, and we want to help cultivate that in any way that we can. We're like Big Brothers, Big Sisters... but without the pesky children. Unless it's kidfic or mpreg? ANYWAY.

Enough chatter, here is our BETA LIST!

This community will focus primarily on the incredibly slashy world of FBR bands (and friends!), but we'll also need betas who have expertise in other bands and other fandoms, so feel free to get your crack!fic, cross-over and AU motors running. Hell, I'm sure some betas will even read het for you, this is just that kind of place.

So, whether you're a writer or a beta, friend us and/or join us! And specifically for betas, please let yourself be known by adding yourself to the master list! Don't let your awesome skills be put to waste.

All questions/comments/HELP! can be directed towards xcarex / carexcore. Especially in the layout, moderating and whoring-out departments.

!!! affiliates !!!
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(want to be an affiliate? just ask! we'll say yes!)

We'll leave you kicking and screaming so you can thank us in the end.